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LVL2 According To LVL2

With the release of our most recent LVL2 newsletter, we have entered into our final quarter of the inaugural year since it's inception. For those who haven't heard, LVL2 is the first step towards serving alongside of Checkpoint Church. It's less of a responsibility and more of a mindset shift. Rather than I tell you, I asked some of our existing LVL2 members to share their thoughts on what LVL2 means to them...

StainedGlaz: Lvl 2 means becoming a player rather than a spectator.

XandoCalrissian: It’s a little weird to think about it. I was around for maybe a week before jumping on to LVL2. I loved the concept from the minute I read the article I was sent and my first stream was Metroid Dread and immediately felt welcomed and part of the community. I joined LVL2 after listening to a few sermons and seeing/hearing things that resonated with me - being LVL2 means being a part of growing a community I’ve always wanted.

SneakyPig: For me, LVL 2 is an investment into the growth of Checkpoint by becoming a deeper part of the community.

Splashforce: LVL 2 means being ready to serve checkpoint instead of being served.

TromboneDalek: LVL 2 is part of being an awesome team that works together to serve the ministry of Checkpoint wherever the Spirit leads us!

Sometimes it can feel like joining a church comes with baggage and an invitation to lead another Bible Study or join another committee, but at Checkpoint, we want to make sure you're getting the right first step into a community of other excited nerds who are ready to love the nerds, geeks, and gamers of the world. If you're interested in joining, we'd be so excited to get to know you!

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