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It's hard to believe this, but Checkpoint Church is officially in its THIRD year of existence. I was first appointed here in July 2020, but we didn't launch our website or Twitch until August. And now - here we are a full two years later. Out of curiosity, I pored over some of my initial Spirit leanings and brainstorms from those early days. Did you know I had plans to launch a storefront in Denver, NC, at one point? Logan and I even toured the city, looking at potential spots.

With each new year, I try to take time to refresh things in my mind. I recall where we've been while also revisioning where needed. We will be changing up quite a few things in the days ahead. You will get to hear about many new exciting projects and even some old returning ones. You don't have to go too far to see some of the paint we're touching up - check out our new Twitch stream look when you get the chance.

We also announced our new schedule last week. We will be streaming anywhere from four to six times a week now! This is a massive shift, but we couldn't be more excited about where the stream is headed. With Twitch updates, I'm now shifting my attention to our ever-growing Discord. I'm sure you'll begin to see evolution there, as well. Hopefully, no *new* channels for all you folks overwhelmed by the plethora of opportunities.

One area I have been excited to craft is our YouTube channel updates. We are posting something nearly every day now. Beyond our standard Nerdy Sermons and To The Point Newsletters, you will also find highlight reels of the best moments, unboxing videos, and much more.

We're constantly evolving and refreshing what we do and who we are. I am so thankful for the support of all of our LVL2 members, our Discord/Twitch/YouTube communities, and each and every one of you involved here at Checkpoint. Thank you! Cheers to Year Three!

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