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What Sets Bocchi the Rock Apart as a Band Anime

I held off on watching Bocchi the Rock! for a while because music-based anime just tend to get me in my feels. I’ve still not recovered and may never recover from Your Lie In April. But, after seeing Bocchi get one number 1 spot nod after another, I knew it was time to dive into this anime and see what exactly was happening.

What I found was an unbelievably charming, downright relatable, and genuinely silly anime about a young girl just wanting to find a place in the world. What this show does exceptionally well is take a series of disconnected moments in the lives of four members of an all-girl rock band and tie them together for the betterment of the whole ensemble. While the show may be named after Bocchi, the result is much bigger than her. And that should feel familiar to our experience of the church - if we did it right. Let’s talk about it.

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