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Liturgy for the Buggy Game Drop

Creator of All Things,

You were there when the world began.

You were there when we messed it up.

You were there when Christ died to forgive.

Despite all that You create,

I find a way to mess it up again.

I find a way to find fault in Your works.

I find a way to hate those that You made.

Remind me of the gift of human creation.

Remind me that nothing is owed, only offered.

Remind me that everything is wanted, nothing is needed,

Except for the all-sufficient nourishment from Jesus Christ.

Help me to find peace in the good of all of Your creation.

Help me to find grace for the broken human mimicking Your acts of creation.

Help me to find wonder in the ability to create at all.

Thank You, Most Holy Developer, for the gift of play.

Thank You, Blessed QA Tester, for the path of grace.

Thank You, Creative Creator of Creatives, for the calling placed on those who make.

Though I am far from understanding the depth, capacity, and generosity of Your grace, love, and forgiveness, help me to find it in abundance amongst the gifts and offerings of Your holy, broken people here on Earth.

Open my eyes to see the person behind the bug when I am frustrated.

Open my ears to hear the sleepless moans of the overworked when my game crashes.

Open my heart to love the passionate calling of the creative when I go to rant online.

We love as You first loved us: with patience, with time, and with abundant understanding.

May it be so. Amen.

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