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Nerds of Pray: Hoot & Howl, Geeky Christian Twitter, Thy Geekdom Come Blogger Shaneen Thompson (1.4)

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0:00:00.2 S1: And I was feeling a little bit lost. I wanted to get back to that writing, I guess... Just find a purpose for my life, and I was like, I should start a blog. And then I thought about it for a second, I was like, I could start a blog.

0:00:15.2 S2: Welcome to the nerds to pray. We are bridging the gap between faith and fandom by introducing you to the leading folks on the front lines of nerd ministry, these are the people I have met as I plant a church for nerds and keeps and gamers, I found them. So you don't have to... Folks, I am a nerd, faster, Nate, and this is a check point church podcast that has been dropping every three weeks, each episode of this podcast is gonna feature someone at the intersection of faith and fandom will then sit down with them and learn their story. How did they first discover that God is in pop culture and where do they see things going from here? Well, our guests are... Today is a real treat, and we're gonna be interviewing Shane Thomson from who and how Janine considers herself a writer and a geek and a Christian, she hails from Alberta, Canada, and she runs the hot on how the hotel as a place for geeks of any level and class according to their website, from level one rogues to level 20 clerics, all geeks are welcome there, they are creating blogs, they're hosting other bloggers, and they're even creating resources and Bible studies for nerds to make use of.

0:01:13.3 S2: Most recently, canine has been a featured contributor to the item Com, which is a nearly-devotional series, and she's also become an active member of the 1411 Podcast and Twitter, Janine also was one of the starting Voices For geki Christian Twitter, which Twitter is best. I will never understand, and so I totally respect her for being willing to brave that strange place. In this podcast, we're gonna get into more about Twitter, we're talking about how to write in a collaborative effort, like diatom come, like those kind of devotional series, and so... So much more with that. Books, let's get into the show. Here is our latest ner to pray, Janine Thomson from hot and hell. Let's start out with just the easy one, the easiest question, which is, who are you, and then where are you currently, both physically and then also on social media, so what are your favorite platforms and then where are you in the world?

0:01:58.3 S1: Yeah, so I'm shamim from Alberta, Canada. Not much else interesting about I feel, but you can find me at the hood and how old dot com where I talk about Jesus and all geeky things. Everything from video games to Anima, to marvel, to Dr. Who... All of those things. I love hanging out at Twitter, you can find me at the hood and how old here, and I'm also on Facebook and Instagram as hot and how tails.

0:02:32.6 S2: Very cool. So you've got the gamut, you've got it all spread out with the Hooton Hall on the website and stuff like that, so that's super exciting. And we'll talk more about that. I wanna know. So just judging by some of the things that you've written and some of the percentage that you've put out there, I can tell you have a lot of passion for anime, which is super cool. I'm right there with you. You are one of the few people I know, I read your victim come, where you talk about violet ever garden. That is one of my favorite anime. And man, I feel like nobody has ever heard of it either, they either they've seen it and they've seen it on Netflix, and they're like, Oh, that looked boring. And I'm like, No, you need to watch it. It's so good. So I felt very affirmed to find another Christian anime fan 'cause that isn't something that always happens so far, we found that most people are a melting pot, if you had to sum up your nerd, your fandom, your geeky-ness into one thing. What flavor of nerd would you describe yourself as? If you could only pick one.

0:03:23.7 S1: It's pretty broad, but I'm just gonna have to say fantasy.

0:03:27.3 S2: Okay. No, that totally works. So does that typically... Does that typically warrant towards Medieval fantasy, would you say, or is it... Is it something in between?

0:03:37.0 S1: I can, I definitely enjoy that, but I think any... Any type of fantasy really is great. Science fantasy, urban fantasy, any kind of fantasy.

0:03:49.0 S2: I feel like a lot of what I know about you is where you're at right now, and so I'm super curious to know, where did your nerd journey... Again, have you been a life longer... Did you grow up on this stuff, or what did it look like... Was this a new awakening?

0:04:01.1 S1: I think I would consider myself a fairly new nerd, I guess, compared to some people, I definitely grew up devouring books, so I've been a book nerd my whole life, I'd say youth group is really where my nerd dom started. I had one particularly nerdy youth group leader, and he's the one that got me into cartoon and role-playing games, and he is actually still my current GM, and that group of friends also got me into the MCU... All kind of snowballed from there.

0:04:39.6 S2: Yeah, that's super interesting. So my own personal origin story is that my youth group didn't do any of that, my leader... I was very cool in their own way, but I didn't really get into the nerdy spear, and so I would be wanting to play Smash and everybody would be like, What about we play another round horse with the basketball goal, I don't... We try that again, and I was like, Oh, I would play Smash. And so, yeah, that's super interesting to me that that was your introduction, whereas that was an area that didn't work so much for me, so... That's super cool. I find that mentors, a leader or somebody to guide us into this thing is a really a viable possibility to get started on this nerve journey. Did you... Where did you first discover this? Well, it sounds like you may have discovered it from day one, so the intersection between faith and fandom is something that is sometimes hard to find, something that a lot of people don't find right at the get-go, but if you were introduced to it from youth group maybe you knew about it from the origin story, where did you first really discover this intersection between faith and fandom, either whether it wasn't in route group or did you find it online? Whenever you started to build the geki Christian Twitter world and all that.

0:05:44.7 S1: Yeah, I don't think it was necessarily conscious right from the beginning, but that leader who got me into all the geeky things also loved talking about Jesus and grace, so I always associated those two things as being related because I saw them both in him... I don't know, I've always loved stories and there's always truth to be found in stories, I guess as I grew and just had experience with more stories and things like that, it just kind of came naturally to see the truth in them...

0:06:22.8 S2: Yeah, that's a recurring theme that keeps coming up in these conversations is this power of the story, and that we can find these themes that are historic and in the Bible and through the life of Jesus, but we're also still finding them in media today. So an obvious question, hopefully, but I am prepared for someone to say no to it eventually, one of these days, I'm convinced somebody is gonna be like, No. So do you believe that God can use fandom for good, and if so, how have you seen or how have you created these opportunities yourself?

0:06:52.9 S1: Yeah, I mean, there's definitely the opportunity for fandom to be... Not such a great place. I'm more of the school of thought that people can enjoy what they enjoy, and we can all have a fun community together, just talking about the things that we enjoy, and it's not necessary to hate on anybody else for not enjoying our things. Yeah, beyond that, getting to talk about the truth and stuff that we do find in fandom has been really awesome... Yeah, on the blog, just in general, in the community on Twitter and stuff, talking about, I guess just the stories that we enjoy, but the stories that have really impacted us.

0:07:34.4 S2: I find that really interesting, talking about disagreement and talking about the toxicity that can come up in the midst of fandom, I think there's two interesting worlds amongst us in our nerd communities, we have Grog ARDS, we have these people who are really like gatekeepers who are really good at stopping interest and being like, You're not a real fan. If you don't know this and this and this, that's one of the big reasons why I'm super careful what I talk about. I know you're a really big Dr. Who fan? I have seen, I have seen the chiton season and I've seen a couple of sides of tenant, and I'm not gonna pretend that I'm Dr. Ho aficionado. I'm not gonna pretend that I know everything about it. And if I tried, I know that the doctor who fandom would eat me alive. And so there's a weirdness attention of toxicity going on there, so have you found any conflict with that kind of mentality, have you found a lot of push-back on this kind of Let's all get along, or have you not really run into those gatekeepers...

0:08:34.6 S1: I try to avoid it as much as I can, so I haven't had too much issue with it. I don't know, I don't consider myself super huge into any particular fandom either, if I was to get in with the real nerds, I wouldn't pass. So that's part of the reason I'm passionate about not gate-keeping, because you don't have to know everything about a fandom to enjoy it.

0:09:03.4 S2: I think that's a great place to be. I think that's a great place to start, and hopefully, there are more of you out there, I think that you're exactly what the world needs as far as the Gita and the gatekeeping goes, and maybe that's why you're finding such a good home on Twitter, because I find that to be an incredibly divisive place, Twitter is somewhere where there's a lot of that anonymity, there's a lot of the argument. It's not quite as bad as the YouTube comment section, but it's getting there. Maybe your peacekeeping mentality is what really makes you feel comfortable being superficial and Twitter. Can you tell us more about why, why Twitter... Why does that seem to be the area that's definitely how I found out about you and geeky Christian Twitter that you started over there. Why Twitter?

0:09:46.6 S1: That's a good question. It wasn't the first social media that I went to. I don't know, I kind of found it intimidating almost, I guess, and kind of like... There's the Twitter people, and I don't know how Twitter works. That's weird. I decided to get on there just to see if we could reach more people there. Now, Twitter is my favorite social media. And I'm like, Whoa, how did that happen?

0:10:11.9 S2: What do you think was that evolution... What made you say... This is my favorite. Now, what changed?

0:10:17.0 S1: I think part of it is like going back to my love of stories, I also really love words, and Twitter is just words for the most part, I don't have to worry about making a pretty picture for Instagram or anything like that, we can just talk.

0:10:35.5 S2: There we go, that's it. So that's interesting, so it's just, I mean, Hey, you know, it doesn't have to be a fancy thing, these social media apps all serve this one purpose in this one form of media, and I think Twitter knows that that's what it does, but it is... It is the app for words, it's the mini blog, the micro blog, that kind of thing. If you had to put a vision forward for this geeky Christian Twitter thing, what do you see the future looking like There... Are you happy with heats at or do you have big goals in plan for the future of this thing?

0:11:09.4 S1: I kind of stole the idea of geeky Christian Twitter from weird Christian Twitter, I discovered community first, just a whole bunch of Christians who think they're a little bit weird, just having great community together, and I was like, Hey, Kiri, ions need this too, because I was having a hard time finding geeky Christians in the beginning. And then once you get into it, you're like, Wait, there's tons of us. I thought it would be really awesome if we could have a place on Twitter where we could all find each other, so some things that I've seen weird Christian Twitter do or having prayer meetings over zoom and like movie nights, and they've started a podcast and stuff like that... So there's a whole bunch of things kind of in the back of my mind like maybe that would be fun.

0:11:59.6 S2: You said you kinda borrowed from weird Christian Twitter and you had some ideas that were overlapping there... What was that about? Weird, Christian Twitter, the dream was just that community, was it just that network... Was there one moment that you were like, That's why we need this. Did you see an interaction or something that was like, Oh yeah, no, the geeks definitely need this... What was that moment that it clicked?

0:12:21.6 S1: I don't think there was necessarily one moment I had stumbled on to this place where everyone seemed to know each other. It's so hard to find that community. Sometimes in person and online as well. So if we could just have a place like that where everyone can just know each other...

0:12:41.7 S2: Let's back track a little bit and talk some more about Hooton Hall. What is... Who now just give us the elevator pitch. And then we'll break it down a little bit further into what this was...

0:12:53.0 S1: It's a blog where I talk about Jesus and geeky things and how they connect.

0:13:00.0 S2: That's the shortest elevator. Right, ever. I love it. Yeah, so what was the orange and... Where did this first get started? Did you have the name and you were like, I'm gonna do a blog, and this is just where it is, or was it a... I'm writing posts on Facebook every single week, maybe I should try a Bloch. Did this thing very first get started.

0:13:18.9 S1: I had always loved writing. I grew up writing stories and just whatever else I felt like writing, I kind of reached a point in my life where... Just because of the season, I wasn't writing as much. It was something that I missed, and I was also at a season where a lot of things were ending and beginning, and I was feeling a little bit lost, I wanted to get back to that writing, I guess. Just find a purpose for my life. And I was like, I should start a blog. And then I thought about it for a second, I was like, I couldn't start a blog, and then I did shout out to my wonderful husband for the name, you got the idea.

0:14:01.5 S2: You decided it was time, you were looking for a purpose, you wanted to move forward and you did, I think that that is an accomplishment that a lot of people don't realize that there is this brick wall dividing us between doing the thing and not doing the thing, and you did the thing, and so that's an exciting... That's an exciting step. So what... Was there a light bulb moment beyond just, I could do this, or was there something... Was there something that resolved within you to push forward, you have the opportunity to say, Oh, everybody has a blog, nobody's gonna read my blog, like what... What maybe pushed you over the edge to say yes to this thing rather than just to put it off?

0:14:40.2 S1: I don't know, I really think that moment was it, I had been meeting with a friend to talk about The Chronicles of Narnia, I just... I love CS Lewis, I love Narnia. And talking about Narnia and Jesus, and I was like, I could write this. There you go. I guess it's all Lois as well.

0:14:59.4 S2: There we go. I feel like Louis and talking can be traced back to many of our nerds love of fantasy, so what's the future then look like here for hotel, you just gonna plan on doing more and more blogs, are you thinking about a book in the future, are you thinking about, what does this look like? Collaboration.

0:15:17.7 S1: Yeah, there's a lot of things that I'm thinking about having more writers for the blog eventually would be really awesome. Currently, I think we'll just stick with me, speaking of collaborations, I also appear on the first e-411 podcast, kind of same thing, we talk about Jesus and getting... And we've also started streaming video games on Twitch, which is 100% something I never thought I'd be doing, that's been fun to grow the community that way. Just hanging out and playing video games. Yeah, I would. I would love to write a book and

0:15:53.9 S2: Yeah, I feel like that's all of us, so I'm also an aspiring writer, we love to refer to ourselves as an aspiring, even though we are... We are... We're writers, we've done the things... I know you said you've always loved stories, have you also always love writing stories, telling stories, or did it just start out as reading and just eventually blossom into that thing, where did this origin of a love of writing? Storytelling began.

0:16:17.1 S1: I think it started in the womb. We have a home video of me before I could even talk flipping through a book and going, Haddad pretending to read this book, and I have a book that I wrote apparently before I could write because it's my mom's hand writing in the book, she wrote it all down what I dictated to her right from the get-go, and I have very many half-completed novels from high school and a little bit kind of fun stuff.

0:16:53.8 S2: Yeah, we have a thing we're doing right now on my Twitch stream where we'll go back and read my book that I wrote whenever I was 10 years old, I was in fifth grade and I started reading a book with all my friends and all my friends in it... And yeah, it was pretty embarrassing, it's pretty grantee to go back and to read that old stuff, but it is fun. So one thing I've always run into, and maybe you feel differently, so I'd love to explore this more, I have only recently even dipped my toe into the war, it was really only because of the seminary, at my tone to the water of non-fiction. I hate non-fiction, I love it. I've never had any interest in it, and I certainly have never had any interest in creating it, but a lot of what you are creating is story-telling, that is non-fiction, it's a craft between the two, it's not like it's boring. And that's what it kind of took me to discover is that you can be a storyteller and write non-fiction, and I think it was actually Malcolm Gladwell that kinda taught me that, but...

0:17:47.4 S2: Have you ever run into that issue, or do you find non-fiction to just be super edifying, what do you think about the world of fantasy and in the world of non-fiction fiction and non-fiction...

0:17:57.5 S1: I used to hate non-fiction, the same thing, it was just so boring. Why would I wanna read non-fiction when there's all of these great fiction novels to be reading? Yeah, I never found anything that grabbed me and made me want to read it until probably this past year, I've suddenly started reading a ton of non-fiction, I have a bunch of great non-fiction recommendations now because I've found books that I suddenly can't put down. Yeah, I think the best ones that I've found are ones that are written in a way that feels like having a coffee date with a friend, they're kind of talking just about a casual subject that most people can relate to, and then somehow weaving that into deeper themes talking about life and faith and art.

0:18:57.8 S2: I feel like that can be even harder thing to find, like I said, seminary. So I've read a lot of Christian non-fiction, I read a lot of Christian education, and some of them are real good. Most of them, not so much. It's pretty rough to find, but I think that's one of the reasons why I'm so encouraged by the likes of hotel in love, I need all these different organizations that are putting together really, really interesting, readable and well-crafted Christian non-fiction storytelling and reviews. I find that to be a really encouraging thing for me, and I see that, especially through things like that, I can come... So let's talk more about that. How did you get plugged in there, was that just through Girish and Twitter or did you just connect with the right people?

0:19:43.7 S1: Yeah, I think I just stumbled across ethos and Inc, probably on Twitter by accident at some point, I had picked up their first devotional that Kiko Volume 1, and I saw them put out the call for submissions for volume too, and I was like, Why not... What's the worst that could happen? They say No. And so I submitted a devotional about Dr. Ho, surprise, surprise. And they accepted it, and then asked for another one, kind of a wild experience for me being published as one of my dreams, and then it happened.

0:20:28.8 S2: That's awesome. So it's just one step down the road and you're gonna keep on going forward. Is that something that you see in your future? Would you like to pursue more of this kind of thing, more of a collaborative effort of devotional writing, or do you see publishing a fiction novel of a fantasy story of your own, or maybe publishing a non-fiction kind of breakdown of some of the stories you've made along the way, like, what would you like to write? If you could pick anything. What would you write... What your day is, Janine Thompson's debut work. What is it... What is this first book that you're publishing...

0:21:05.4 S1: Oh boy. I don't know, I think the older I get, the more I am very aware of my audience, not necessarily always in a good way, that makes fiction writing very difficult for me, so I feel like a debut... In a devotional form or something like that would be easier, just gotta work that imagination muscle a little bit more and then we'll come up with that fantasy.

0:21:37.1 S2: Yeah, I think it's an intimidating thing once you put that there, that's a real baby, that's something that you've nurtured from now, it's very conception, and so that's something terrifying to put something like that out into the world where as a non-fiction and there's really only so much debate that can go into it, somebody can disagree with what you're saying, but when it is winter, it's fantasy, they can disagree with what you've created and... That's a tricky place to be. I think it's a strange land that we live in, especially as writers and as content creators, do you see a disconnect there between your world on your blog, your world on Twitter, and then the bigger market of maybe an independent publishing or something like that. There are two different worlds, digital media and then print media, is there any kind of overlap that you found, or do you really see them as being two different worlds between these people that read print books and people that read Twitter feeds? What does that look like?

0:22:34.7 S1: I think there's quite a bit of overlap for me, 'cause a lot of my community on Twitter are also book nerds, we read books. Yeah, it also, it does feel like a completely different world, like I can put it on my blog, I don't have to pass that by anyone, it's just there now because I said so...

0:22:57.9 S2: Yeah, that's nice. The approval process is definitely a big thing, being able to publish of yourself is, it means that I'll be seen probably by less people unless you really market it, but it also means that you don't have to run it through anyone that's super nice. It's actually something that's been on my mind recently, and this is tangential, and then we can get back on topic... Sorry to tangent away, but I've been thinking about... Bourn, I'm special, I don't know if you've seen it. He's kind of playing it up this entire time, he's creating this thing all himself, he's creating this comedy stand-up special from his home during quarantine, it hit me during one of his songs that I was like, I mean... Yes, he is, but he's also on Netflix. So he went through a producer, like he had to send this passion project to a producer who was like... So maybe change that one song that you filmed in your bedroom, that's such a weird thing, and something that we take for granted as content creators is like, Yes. Our stuff isn't on Netflix, but we also don't have to run through producer.

0:23:56.8 S2: We also don't have to get that thumbs up for that stamp of approval, and somebody that's trying to be as independent and as fresh and as cynical as Bo Burnham, even he is having to go through a thumbs-up process by a producer, and that's just something really interesting and humbling to me, changing gears, 'cause I know I just went out to a tangent there, one of the things that's on your website, who hole, that is a little bit different maybe from what you're doing with your blog, is you also offer resources and Bible study programs. So talk more about that, how did that get started? And what do you see that doing...

0:24:31.1 S1: I have a few free resources to download, some of them are kind of like a Bible verse a day for a month on a certain theme, another one is unlike your own personal Bible time resource for being more creative and writing stories and seeing if that can be a part of your Bible time connecting with God in a different way. I think they're just things that helped me, I guess, topics that everyone kind of deals with, it can be a struggle to find the right passage, I guess in the Bible that can bring truth to a situation as well as comfort, so... Yeah, just having a list of Bible verses, I think can be really helpful when you're feeling at a loss...

0:25:24.9 S2: Yeah, I find it really interesting, your integration of these two things and of these different methods of reaching people with your faith, what is your role as this creator? Do you see yourself as kind of a facilitator of conversation... Me personally, I see myself as kind of a pastor of a community, so what I'm trying to do through my church is I'm trying to build community. How do you see your writing and your creation... Do you see this as a means to an end to create this community? Or is that more on Twitter?

0:25:55.3 S1: My econ faith mentor loves to talk about God's grace, that's kind of his... Just favorite thing to talk about. If we could talk about anything for the rest of forever, it would be God's grace, I always leave conversations with him feeling incredibly loved, incredibly blessed, just knowing more of God and Jesus, and that's really been my goal as well with the hot end. How is I want people to leave knowing God and knowing His grace for them.

0:26:28.8 S2: It sounds like your mentor might like John Wesley, that's just my own... I'm a Methodist through. So I've gotta give it up to John. I agree, I think that I see our creation and I see our method of connecting these two things as an act of grace, as an act of offering grace to others. I think one of the ways that we do that is, like you mentioned through the story, so let's talk more about story, what do you see as being so important about story, why is story such a big factor in your life?

0:26:55.9 S1: Story is kind of the big way that we learn... I work at a daycare, and something that they're doing right now is called Learning Stories, so we make stories about what the kids are learning, what we're seeing them doing and exploring in their lives. And then they can look and see like, Oh, I was trying to balance on this team and I kept trying and then I did it, and so even they can see the stories of their own life, and that's how they're learning right now. I think that applies to all of us as we're growing, we learn through stories, whether that's the story of our own life or the stories of events and things around us, the story of the Bible, as well as fictional stories.

0:27:50.5 S2: Yeah, we're able to read ourselves into the story... Let's talk a little bit about the future and where you think this intersection might be headed. So the way I've been putting this for some of our other interviews here, is I've been asking about not so much where do you actually think it's logically going, but if you could dream a dream... If you could dream anything 10, 15, 20 years down the road, there's no doubt that nerd culture is becoming more and more ubiquitous, it's becoming a thing that people know about the on the thing the people care about. My hope is that with that, we're also gonna see more of the rise of things like check point of things like hot and how things like love thy narrative, and so I'm hoping for more nerdy Christian communities. So what do you see as being your dream... If you could dream a dream for the future of this geeky Christian intersection, what would you see the future looking like?

0:28:45.0 S1: Yeah, I think I'd love to see more in-person communities, like seeing those giant boots that cons and table top gatherings and all kinds of in-person communities where people can really get plugged in.

0:29:03.7 S2: So more in-person plug-ins or ways for people to get connected and involved, I'm curious to know more about that. What do you see is the role of in-person? I think that's something that we're having to ask ourselves a lot as we're transitioning out of this period of covid and trying to figure out what the future looks like for these digital communities, how would you understand that the role of in-person gathering... Do you think it needs to be something that's done every week or once a month, or like Comic Con where it's like once a year where we gather together...

0:29:32.4 S1: I mean, I guess it depends on the scale of the event, but I don't know, over this past year and a bit in-person has been definitely something I have missed a lot, and it is required for a lot of copies, especially like the table top community, really hard to transfer that one to online. Yeah, I don't know. Small weekly table top groups, bi-weekly, DND groups, monthly gatherings. I don't know anything.

0:30:12.0 S2: More events, more things... We just want all the things, we want more stuff going on. I totally resonate with that. I think I'm excited for where things go in the future and what the future looks like for this intersection, I'm excited to see more and more of these kind of gatherings, I see more conventions like this happening, so far, I've only heard of a couple of their squad con in Virginia, and there's ELT Incan. There are some of those things going on here and there, but I would love to see even bigger and even more collaborative, I don't see any reason why we all have to have our own little separate common way, do one major con. And then I'm not even sure. I'm gonna be honest, I don't even know necessarily. And this would be a great conversation. But what does the geeky Christian world look like in Canada? I just clicked that, I was like, I'm mentioning all these United States churches. Like what does the GET Christian world look like in Canada? How does that approach... Is there... Is there anything that you've found or is it just pretty much things that are connecting you through the internet...

0:31:10.1 S2: In the States?

0:31:11.8 S1: Yeah, it's mostly been in the States through the internet. Matheson Inc that published the devotional I was in, are actually Canadian, they're from Manitoba, so that was kind of fun to discover. Yeah, other than that, I haven't found a lot of Canadians.

0:31:32.1 S2: Whenever we eventually do play on this, can We'll make you our representative from Canada, we'll be sure that we have it, we'll have a can up in Canada and you'll be one facilitating that for sure. Absolutely, so one question that I like to ask as we come to a close with this, is I like for people to give you mention you gave lot of recommendations, so this is kind of a time to Lou some of those recommendations if you like. We like to ask, what are you watching? What are you playing? And what are you reading? And just for clarification, playing count's video games or table top whatever, you can be playing Monopoly for all that. I care. And then what are you reading? Audio books certainly count. We've had that come up a lot. That question is like, Do a book out. And it's like, Yes. Absolutely audio books are reading. Dang it. So yeah, that's one of those things that people seem to write into... So what are you watching? What are you playing? And what are you reading?

0:32:22.8 S1: I guess we just caught up on a tech on Titan, so now I'm just waiting for the last half of the final season at a real upset that my husband made me watch the whole series before it was all out. I'm actually a new Anime fan. I was not that into it before and I hadn't seen any, and then took me a while to get into it, and now I think a tech on Titan has formally placed me in the Anime fandom. What am I playing? I'm playing a mortal phoenix rising, love Greek mythology and doing it in fun. Goofy ways. So that's been fun. I'm also a new video gamer, so I'm playing on easy.

0:33:14.2 S2: There's absolutely no shame in it. No shame in it. Yeah, only some games choose to shame you with that whenever you play like baby mode or something, and they'll put a little bit on you, there's a couple of games like that, it sounds like a thing like to... I'm pretty sure doom does that. And you know what, no shade here, I would not put up on it on anybody that plays an easy... 'cause I play mini cans and easy as well. Alright, and then the final one is, what are you reading?

0:33:35.6 S1: I'm reading so many things, I think I'm in the middle of eight books according to my good reads right now, I'm currently reading the sort of Truth series by Terry good kind. It's like just your typical fantasy series, lots of magic, lots of war and big world ending problems.

0:34:00.1 S2: So you're not deep in Natan, you've read it. You read a good chunk of it. Yeah, that's... I'm the same way I read seven books. I read one chapter out of seven books every single morning, that's my practice, that's my habit, I love it. It's good, it's consistent. It gets me through a bunch of books a year, I'm very similar in that way. I'm currently watching the final season of cash Albania, which is quite gory, but if you like to tack on tight, and I think you probably did it, it's got that same level of Gore on drama. I am currently playing hotline Miami too. I'm really going for the gore. This time I didn't even realize. So yeah, Castlevania, and then I'm playing Hallam too, and that's because of my stream, they voted for me to play Hollie won and I got booked, and so now I'm already into the SQL. It's so good. And then I am currently reading... I actually just finished a new manga called days on Fez. It was alright. Alright, manga on music festivals. And it's kind of a slice of life of these four, these two couples, two guys, two girls that go to music festivals and...

0:34:56.2 S2: That's the story. There's nothing too interesting. Nothing too deep. But it's a beautiful art. It looks really good. More interestingly, I'm still reading school frozen in time, that one I would recommend more. And that's super interesting where I've been talking about this, people that are gonna be listening to these podcast episodes are gonna be like me, and is he reading this book forever, but it's all of this story about these... I think it's like seven students who are trapped in a school, the time has stopped, hence the President time, a year prior someone in their class had committed suicide or that... Death by suicide. They are trying to figure out who it was, and that one of them is actually the one who did it, and they can't remember, so they've had their memory wipes, they can't remember who did it. And so the big like who done it as they're trying to remember who was at the diabase the year prior, are they gonna be able to survive long enough to figure out who did it? And so it's kind of this interesting play on the theme of a murder mystery like Agatha Christie, but instead it's along the lines of like, We're not trying to find out who the killer is, we're trying to remember who died, and it's playing with these themes of memory and talking about those who have gone before and talking about those with mental illness, and do we actually care, do we even care a year after they're gone, like really, really dark themes, but really, really interesting exploration of characters, and then the art, interestingly enough, is done by the artist of your lie on April, which if you've never watched your lie in April, please go watch your line April, especially if you like pilot ever garden.

0:36:19.7 S2: Oh my gosh, the fields, the tears, you're gonna absolutely be balling the entire time and it's so good, if you like music too, your lion April is even better 'cause it's got beautiful music, so it's by the artist of your line April, which could not be a different story from school resonate, so very much an interesting read. I have to check out my thing about fantasy books as I have no idea I would ever get into them because they're so long, I've been wanting to read The Witcher series forever, and I can't... I can't, I can't... It's too intimidating. Even looking at it, even looking at the first book, I'm like, This will never happen, I'll never read this. So I don't know how you do it. It blows my mind.

0:36:54.3 S1: That was like my husband's favorite series growing up, so he had convinced me to read it.

0:36:59.0 S2: Somehow it feels like not intimidating to read all 26 volumes of Fumio alchemist, but whenever I wanna read the eight volumes of Witcher, I'm like, No, not gonna happen. For our final question, just a quick time to shout out, I know you already mentioned 1-E-411, you've mentioned who and how... But go ahead and bring them up again. What are the different projects you're working right now, where can people find you and be sure to drop your handle for your Twitch stream...

0:37:21.9 S1: Yeah, you can find me at the hotel dot com and Twitter, I'm the food and how. And Instagram, I'm cute in how Tales, T-A-L-E-S. And then you can also find me on the first e-411 podcast. And you can find everything you need to know at 1411 dot com. And Twitch is also Twitch dot com. 1411. Very cool.

0:37:46.2 S2: Well, thank you so much for coming on, Canaan, we really do appreciate it, and hopefully, people will check it out, you've got quite a lot to read through on Hooton house, I know that people can enjoy delving into that backlog if they have it, and then... First, a 41, and I'm sure they have quite a rich backlog, I'll follow them for sure. Great stuff. Thanks again for coming on.

0:38:01.8 S1: Yeah, thank you for having me. Alright, and that is a wrap on this episode, and there is a pay, I really hope that you enjoyed this podcast.

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