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Featured: Pastoring in the Digital Parish

Nerd Pastor Nate was featured on the July 21, 2021 episode of the "Pastoring in the Digital Parish" podcast.

From the description:

"Nathan Webb of Checkpoint Church reveals how a platform like Discord provides a pathway to digital discipleship.

Pastor Nate found that a chat platform like Discord is invaluable to building relationships with the members of his all-digital church. Could Discord help you build community, too? Nate makes a compelling case. We’re going to hear it. We’re also going to hear about the history of Checkpoint Church and the community life of this all-digital congregation."

About the Podcast:

"Training resources, growth ideas and connection for ministry leaders growing digital communities: It’s the digital ministry class we weren’t offered in seminary. In each episode, Ryan Dunn talks with a digital community expert in search of answers to questions about digital discipleship, online engagement, content creation, and the future of ministry in a digital-native culture."


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