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Featured: Digital Church Roundtable on WNCC's Means of Grace

Nerd Pastor Nate was invited to be a guest on the Means of Grace podcast from the Western North Carolina Conference. The podcast features a roundtable discussion led by Director of Church Development Rob Hutchinson and two other innovative digital ministry thinkers.

Listen Here:

Highlights of the conversation include some examples of a digital discipleship pathway for online churches and members of these communities that have been directly impacted. Enjoy the podcast and support these innovators!

From the episode description:

"In this episode, Director of Church Development Rev. Rob Hutchinson talks all things digital church, worship and discipleship with Jason Moore, Both/And Hybrid Worship Consultant; Anne Bosarge, pastor of The Chapel Online; and Rev. Nathan Webb, pastor of Checkpoint Church."

Podcast Description:

"Means of Grace, a podcast from the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, equips church leaders through expertise and examples. Twice a month, we feature local experts on a variety of topics from leadership to innovation and share examples of churches in our conference reaching their communities in news ways through mission engagement, Fresh Expressions and much more.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, defined Means of Grace as the outward signs, words or actions that are the ordinary channels conveying God’s grace to the souls of people. So when we’re talking about leadership or discipleship or an outreach initiative, it’s about more than doing a program well, it’s a means of God’s grace to the world.

Rev. Kim Ingram, Rev. Luke Edwards, Jesse Enniss and Melissa McGill host. Our theme song was written and performed by Rev. Kyle Sigmon, an ordained deacon and a talented musician in Boone, NC."


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