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Tchia's Cultural Impact: How a Video Game Reflects the Great Commission | Nerdy Sermon

Join Nerd Pastor Nate as he dives into the beautiful world of Tchia and discovers the powerful connection between this video game's celebration of New Caledonian culture and the Christian call to the Great Commission. In this sermon, we explore how Tchia's vivid representation of culture and traditions can teach us valuable lessons about sharing our faith while respecting and appreciating the diversity of the world around us.

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🎮 Timestamps:

0:00 - Introduction

0:53 - Welcome!

1:43 - Scripture

2:18 - What is Tchia?

3:31 - The Inspiration for Tchia

4:17 - Finding Jesus in New Caledonia

5:50 - Understanding the Great Commission

7:59 - What We Do In Evangelism

9:30 - Jesus Transformative Death & Resurrection

10:18 - What does this mean for us today?

11:37 - Thanks for Watching!

12:55 - Quick Question

13:17 - Three Things

14:37 - Twitch Clip!

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Writer, Filmographer: Nathan Webb

Editor: Niki Turner

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