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The Continental Connection: Lessons from John Wick for the Church | Nerdy Sermon

Join us in this unique sermon as we explore the intriguing parallels between the John Wick movie series and Jesus' teachings. We'll dive into the power dynamics present in the world of John Wick, specifically the role of The Continental, and how it relates to the true power of presence, faith, and love in Christianity. Discover how Jesus' message in Matthew 22:15-22 can inspire us to stand strong and continue providing a safe space for others to grow in faith. Don't miss this fascinating blend of action, spirituality, and life lessons from John Wick and the Gospels!

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Writer, Filmographer: Nathan Webb

Editor: Niki Turner

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Checkpoint Church is the place where all people from all walks of life are always welcomed with loving arms. We strive to steer clear from the modern temptations of being too ‘churchy’ or judgmental. We are the safe space for those who haven’t felt welcomed by the church before.

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