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001 What is Checkpoint Church?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Checkpoint Church is the place where all people from all walks of life are always welcomed with loving arms. We strive to keep clear from the modern temptations of being too ‘church-y’ or judgmental. We are the safe space for those who haven’t felt welcomed by the church before.

We love laughing at memes and watching too many TikTok videos or cringe compilations on YouTube. We play video games and read Harry Potter and join in epic Dungeons & Dragon campaigns, because we know that they aren’t from the devil - they are engaging acts of creative potential gifted to us by our imaginative Creator God. We aren’t afraid of pop culture and we think that the artistic talents of comic books, manga, anime, and cartoons are all examples of God’s awesome creation.

We might be rated TV-14 for adult language, but we would never dare use our colorful words to attack another awesome human being. We love people with colored hair. And rad tattoos. Who drink way too much Red Bull. Who played in Ska bands in college. Whose hair might be longer than ours. Who cosplay and streams FPS games on Twitch. And binge Netflix shows and reruns of The Office all night long. We know that we aren’t perfect, but we want to be together anyway. Because we really just enjoy being with one another.

We don’t have a high steeple and we don’t wear stuffy clothes. We aren’t about what you look like or how you talk, but we love the you that God made you to be on the inside. We want you to feel welcomed and safe and a part of something that is better together than we could ever be apart.

Bring us your baggage. Bring on that video game rage. Bring your doubts and questioning of God. Bring us that wound that your parent’s church left when you were watching Adult Swim and laughed at jokes from South Park. Bring us that and see that we aren’t perfect and we aren’t better than anyone.

We aren’t the final stop in life. We don’t believe in doing whatever you want after baptism. We don’t believe in back row worship. We are here for one another and for all of those who need someone to listen and care. We aren’t the end of your journey, we’re just a Checkpoint along the journey. We’re the safe space for your quest. We’re the short rest to your lengthy campaign. We’re the save point right before the boss battle. We’re the Pokemon Center right before the Elite Four. We’re the 1-Up when you’re on your last life.

We’re Checkpoint and we’re here for who God made you to be.

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