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Pentiment: A Game of Perception, Judgment, and Prejudice in the Historic Church

Pentiment is a unique and thought-provoking narrative adventure game set in Bavaria in the 16th century. As the journeyman artist Andreas Maler, players investigate the murder of a prominent person for which his friend has been accused. But the story doesn't stop there - it spans three acts over 25 years and involves the entire town of Tassing.

In this video, we delve into the themes of perception, judgment, and prejudice in Pentiment, and how it relates to our call to live a Christian life. The game's art style and use of fonts to represent characters' education levels adds depth and complexity to the story. And through its exploration of class hierarchy and power dynamics, Pentiment serves as a reminder to check our own biases and strive for fairness and equality in our relationships.

One of the most striking aspects of Pentiment is its art style. The characters are interesting enough, with an icon-esque feel that is almost like reading the

wall of a medieval church building. But what really sets the game apart is the use of font choices. As a visual novel, we might be used to seeing fonts like helvetica. However, in Pentiment, the font is used as a part of the story, giving each character a style from late medieval manuscripts, early print, and woodcuts. This serves to express the character's perceived education level and skills from the viewpoint of Andreas.

This use of font choice ties into the game's themes of perception and judgment. In the medieval town of Tassing, there is a clear hierarchy of class based on power and education. The Lords are the benefactors of the Abbey and have the most power in the land. Next are the Abbey and those within it, followed by the townspeople and, at the bottom, the poor. This hierarchy is depicted through the font choices of the characters and serves as a reminder of the dangers of judging others based on appearances and status.

In our own lives, it's important to check our own biases and strive for fairness and equality in our relationships. James 2:1-9 reminds us not to show partiality and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Pentiment's story serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of judging others and the importance of treating all people with respect and love.

Overall, Pentiment is a must-play for fans of mystery and for anyone looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining game that encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Don't miss out on this unique and engaging narrative adventure.

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