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What's Better Than A Watch Party?

Whenever all is said and done with my paternity leave, we aren't wasting any time getting back up and running with the exciting things going on here at Checkpoint. Out of all our big plans for the remainder of the year, I am most excited to tell you about our newest one.

Starting on May 23rd, Checkpoint Church is taking our next HUGE deep dive into intentional acts of discipleship. We've posted our weekly nerdy sermons for well over a year now. You've been able to watch them on your own time - but it's tough to dive into the topics and themes in these videos alone. In order for us to take these awesome videos to the next level, we're launching our Nerdy Bible Study!

We're going to have several facilitators in our LVL2 membership that are excited to step up and offer several different topics and times to choose from. I'll be hosting two of the studies myself: one on video games on Mondays at 7pm EST and another on anime on Wednesdays at 9am EST. In order to learn more about signing up and finding the group for you, join our Discord. We cannot wait to get you plugged in and get to know you even better than ever.

These initial studies will last for 6-weeks, but don't worry! We'll be launching more groups and studies once these wrap up. Even MORE exciting news - these studies will be available for use in your churches and youth groups, as well. If you're interested in purchasing those packages, more information will be available once I return from paternity leave. We are incredibly excited for this opportunity for our LVL2 folks to be given the chance to facilitate these conversations and even help craft the curriculum we'll be using each week.

God can and does work through these nerdy mediums and we're thrilled to be able to provide this kind of guidance and theological backing to the nerds, geeks, and gamers of the world. We hope you'll consider joining a group and diving in!

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