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23,000 Reasons (A Viral Reflection)

As a digital-based entity, given enough time the algorithm of the Internet will reward continuous effort with a 'viral post.' It's not foolproof, but it's likely. We've been around for nearly two years and we've been gifted with several of these viral moments. If we continue doing the hard work, then we will likely continue to experience these short bursts of unbridled reach.

It's a surprisingly challenging thing for a human being with a human mind to handle this kind of exposure. Even the humblest of us have an innate desire to be liked. The come-down from that experience is always a challenge. Seeing our weekly average daily views go from 30-40 to 400-500 on YouTube is absurdly exhilarating. But it will return to that original place albeit a bit higher. There may even come a day when our videos reach 400-500 naturally and our viral videos reach 40,000 to 50,000. We'll celebrate then, too. It will also be challenging then, too.

Out of all of the statistics that are given to a digital entity, my favorite has always been the 'reach' of a project. This refers to the number of eyes that have *at least* seen your project. They may not have clicked on it or watched it, but they saw it. With our Mushoku Tensei video from February 5th, the Reach as of this writing is at 23,000 people. That's as many as Fenway at two-thirds capacity. It's an insanely exciting number. Using the Biblical concept of seed-planting, that's a lot of people that know what Checkpoint Church is offering through Jesus Christ.

Considering last week's newsletter contemplating the NYT article on online church, do we still think there's any argument against doing this kind of ministry? 23,000 people. From a small, up-and-coming church plant. Ostensibly free of cost. That can only happen online. That can only happen from bold and innovative ministry. We spend a lot of time talking about our churches getting back to normal. Let's think for a moment about the 23,000 who could have their world radically changed by a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now that's reach.

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