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Better Begins With You

As we approach the end of the year, we enter into that wonderful time where we reflect on the past year to see how we might be better in the year to come. Admittedly, this work is made more accessible and challenging by the tools made available in a digital church. On the one hand, we have access to comprehensive analytics. We can know a whole lot about a whole lot of people. However, data only tells half the story and often is focused on the macro, not the micro, vision. It can even enter a place where digital ministry can feel a bit like screaming into a void, depending on what it is you're sharing.

With this in mind, we've created a quick survey for feedback on the To The Point Newsletter. I've handcrafted this newsletter in its current format for over two years. More than one hundred of these newsletters have been lovingly forged for our couple hundred subscribers. But two years unchanged is more than enough - it's time to improve.

I have some ideas on making these changes, but the best information will always come firsthand from those who have chosen to continue receiving this newsletter. Even choosing not to fill out the survey tells us something about this newsletter. That being said, we will only learn one thing if you don't fill it out, whereas we can learn much more if you choose to help us out.

I'm sure as we progress throughout December, you will see more surveys, feedback requests, etc., but know that there is no better way that you can serve an up-and-coming ministry like Checkpoint than by helping us better understand what it means to serve you. We had a vision and a chance two years ago, but now we have something so much more tangible: you. And the only way we can continue to move forward is by getting to know you better and learning from what you value. Thank you for your time in considering this!

Use this link to provide feedback to improve this newsletter.

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