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We Begin From The End

This is the last newsletter that you will experience like this.

After three long years and well over one hundred of these To The Point issues, we are leaping into something new, yet still very much the same. In your feedback that we had a few weeks ago, we found some of the things you value the most from this newsletter - and also what you don't value. Given our gleanings, we are making a few notable changes when the newsletter returns in January.

What Won't Change:

The newsletter will still provide illuminating information on Checkpoint Church's goings-on. If you are a subscriber to our email list, you will still receive them directly. You will still be able to hear the newsletter, and we hope to develop even better accessibility functions in the next iteration. You will still be able to share the articles with your friends and those who would also enjoy this newsletter.

What Will Change:

The format of this newsletter will be changing a good bit. You won't be receiving a PDF of the newsletter anymore - it will be directly embedded into the email and webpage where it is hosted. We are also hopeful to provide new voices in this newsletter besides my own. We celebrate the growing community of Checkpoint and want to share them in this space.

The content will remain mostly the same, except that we are tightening our focus to things directly related to Checkpoint Church. If you are subscribed to this newsletter for my ministerial learning as a church planter for nerds, then look forward to something separate and new to hit the digital waves in January. More info on that soon.

I look forward to the new and exciting future ahead. Thank you for three years of loyal subscription. I couldn't have done this without you. Be boldly blessed, friends. See you in 2023.

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