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Absolutely Nothing

In the immortal words of Uncle Ben: with great power comes great responsibility. Given the boom of growth we've seen in Checkpoint in the past few weeks, I would suggest that this iconic phrase could also be interpreted as: with great attention comes great expectation. Most new folks are either A) curious and want to join in on the fun or B) inspired and want to learn how to do this in their own communities. I'm flattered, honored, and inspired by both of these groups.

There exists a third group: the skeptical. For the most part, these are respectful people who are genuinely concerned about the efficacy, theology, and motivations behind the digital church as it exists. While there are some in the group who express less respectful animosity, these are thankfully mostly outliers.

Regardless of approach or style, I want to address anyone and everyone who is just outright worried about this thing that we're doing as a digital church. First off - I get it. Isn't it weird? Of course this is strange. It's completely different than anything we've ever done before... sort of. I imagine there was trepidation with the advent of the printing press. I imagine it was concerning when folks became literate enough to read their own Bibles. We're at a hallmark moment. It's weird. But weird isn't bad.

Second, and most importantly, I want to encourage you to ask more questions and make less bold declarations. As someone leading a digital church, I don't have all of the answers. But I ask *a lot* of questions. Like every single day. Most of the folks that I get to ask those questions to are already onboard with digital church as a practice - but I'd love to ask those questions to those of you who are still discerning and skeptical. This isn't a culture war; at least not for me. Olive branch - extended. Your voice is valued. I pray you'll use it for the Kingdom, not as a weapon on the servants.

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