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An Advent Reality

We don't often focus on the Liturgical Calendar (the year that the Church follows) very often here at Checkpoint. But I am sure never to bypass my favorite holiday: Advent. Typically conflated with the Christmas season, Advent is a time of preparation leading up to the eventual arrival of the infant Christ in the opening text of the gospels. We spend four Sundays lighting candles, studying the verses leading up to the birth narrative, and trying our darnedest to postpone singing out-of-season carols.

For the past two years at Checkpoint, we've celebrated in two bold and different ways. I burnt myself out in our first year by creating a series of devotionals that would influence our weekly Nerdy Sermons. Last year, we launched our game development arm Ludogood and published a visual novel video game. This year, I have been a bit uncertain of our bold Advent project - and I'm almost certain there won't be one. Or, at least, not one that will be so tangible. However, it might be our most accurate to the season yet.

As I mentioned earlier, Advent is a season of preparation and anticipation of the Christ that was born, died, rose, and will return. We reflect and remember the first time the God-Man dwelt amongst humanity to build up the anticipation of when Christ will return. As a Pastor's Kid, I've grown up with these traditions of remembrance through the historical practice of the sacraments - baptism and communion. We have held off on practicing these acts for the first two years of our existence.

But that changes now.

We will be gathering for a Christmas party in the final week and Advent, and, at long last, we will be breaking bread in the community together on Discord as we celebrate the act of remembering the sacrifice of Christ by the breaking of His body and shedding of His blood. Plenty more will happen that night, but this will set apart a new year of firsts for Checkpoint Church ahead.

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