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Well, here we are. The big day has almost arrived. For many of us, these past few weeks have flown by with excitement for a day that can brighten up the glum past year. For others, each day has droned on with dread of what awaits us on the other side. It's a trying time for some and the most amazing for others.

One Christmas that I can recall the most clearly was whenever I was nine years old and I received two *huge* gifts from Santa. Gift #1: my own box television set to call my own. Gift #2: a mint condition, bright purple Nintendo Gamecube. I had been so excited for Christmas and the payoff was so worth it. I recall that being a year with a good deal of snow and that only made the wait that much longer for Christmas morning. The build-up was strenuous, but the hours I logged into Tak and the Power of Juju was - oh, so worth it.

What have you been waiting for? What is right on the edge of fruition? Have you been working towards some goal that has felt so distant? If not, where would you like to go? What would you like to achieve? How can you set yourself up for that bright future?

It is my hope that this Advent of the Nerd series has been a reminder of the waiting that is before the result. The reminder that life still happened before Jesus and that life is still happening before His return. It's a tired, dreadful kind of waiting, but it simply must be done. The world is dark and full of bad news everywhere that you look, but hope is on the horizon. Keeping our focus on the here and now to prepare the path forward - that is our only true goal. As we look toward the celebration of Christ's birth and the new year before us, how will we share Christ like a fresh new thing? I believe Checkpoint is exactly the method and I hope you'll continue to support in the year ahead.


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