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Bold Claims, Bolder Living

This was a tough week. From a tumultuous election during a worldwide pandemic, I would say it is a safe bet that you are exhausted. Me too. From a non-partisan perspective, this was a daunting and perilous time. However, I want to use what little platform I have to hold our feet to the fire just a bit.

Every year, pastors across the country see an uptick in attendance on three major days: Christmas, Easter, and the first Sunday after New Years' Day. We make resolutions for ourselves and those often are toward spiritual living. I saw a similar thing happen in this election. Perhaps you saw the post circulating the Internet, too.

In this post, people were called to share the message that, regardless of who won the election, we would still be neighbors and have to live one another. Some posts have come out and spoken against this message or highlighted how it comes from a place of fortunate privilege. I'd like to take it a different way and say - it would be my absolute joy to see us actually act the way our claims proclaim on social media.

As Christians, we are called to bold, radical, intense, overwhelming, unconditional, compassionate, grace-filled, nauseating love for those around us. As your pastor, I want to boldly claim, in all love, that I don't see it.

What if, regardless of who wins, we actually love the person we disagree with? What if we hold our tongue from lashing out to the Biden/Trump voter? What if we actually did pull ourselves together and help the last, least, and lost? If you aren't actually loving everyone, then you still have work to do.

God loves you. I love you. You matter. Be boldly blessed.

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