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Bridging Digital Distance

Whenever we first set out on this journey to build a 'church for nerds, geeks, and gamers,' the major challenge was whether it should exist as a physical means of gathering or whether it should be a digital exclusive. Admittedly, we are nearly in our fourth month and I'm still short of an answer for our future. One thing I am sure of is where we will build our digital building.

Discord is an application that I hadn't tampered with much before Checkpoint, but I've discovered that it is the community building platform. I would encourage my technologically engaged brothers and sisters in the church to invest in the platform, to be honest.

What is Discord? Tech experts would call it a VoIP or IM service. For our purposes, Discord is a robust text/audio/video messaging tool that allows for a metaphysical building to be built within the platform.

We can set up rooms for people to hang out in, to have Bible Studies in, to host game nights, to watch movies, or to just text. We can have space set aside for anime weebs to talk about their interests while streamers can chat about the latest Among Us strategy. We can have a virtual prayer room where people can visit and pray for one another or be prayed over by a peer or pastor. We can share information that would allow us to connect outside of the church. We can host an intentional worship service that feels a bit less invasive than anywhere on God's Green Earth. The options are only limited by our creativity. If you haven't joined us yet, click here and come check out our digital church building. The future is awesome!

God loves you. We love you. You matter.

Be boldly blessed.

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