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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

This has been an incredibly exhilarating first year for Checkpoint Church. We first began working on community back in August and a lot has happened since then. We have grown in quite exciting ways: we now have over 300 followers on Twitch, 21 members in our Discord community, and nearly 100 people subscribed to the newsletter. Add into the mix a few hundred more folks from social media platforms and we've grown exponentially in just a few months. We've made new friends and we've had some decide that this wasn't the right time for them to join in. We've experimented and had big successes - with a few whoopsies and growing edges here and there.

Looking back, I think I am most proud of our recent Advent of the Nerd series and our times of community-building on Twitch. Thank you all for being a part of this first leg of our journey and for helping us to make it what it has been.

While it is fun to look back on where we've been, I couldn't be more excited for where we are headed in the future. I personally have dreams of this year holding our first (maybe even a few) in-person gathering(s). I dream about where we will be by Easter and how we will have grown in relationship with one another. I dream about the games we will play and how this incredible technological world will provide for our community. Most importantly, I dream about getting to know you better. I dream about sharing coffee, good laughs, and finding the most sus person in Among Us.

What do you dream about? What are your dreams for the future of Checkpoint Church? How can we best serve that need? What do you wish we were doing and how would you like to be involved? Let me know with an email to or with a comment to this post. Let's do this thing - together. Happy New Year!

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