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Meet the Nerds of Pray

Remember last week when I mentioned that we would be seeing total game-changing developments to Checkpoint every month until the end of the year? Yeah, so... here's the first one. It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to our newest serialized podcast series: Nerds of Pray! Our first episode will be dropping *live* on our Twitch channel this Sunday at noon. After the premiere, it will be available to your favorite podcast listening platform.

What is the Nerds of Pray podcast? Great question. In my time so far as a Nerd Pastor, I have been floored by just how many incredible people are doing the work of nerd ministry. The only problem: I had never heard of them until I got in the space. So, this podcast will seek to be a place that gathers all of the biggest names in nerd ministry into one place. I am doing all I can to find these nerd leaders - so you don't have to.

Our first episode will feature Derek White - the Geekpreacher himself. If you don't know Derek, then you're in for quite the treat. Same goes if you do know him. Derek is the official game chaplain for GaryCon and completes my direct connection to the one and only Gary Gygax of D&D fame. Derek was an absolute joy to get to talk to and I am certain that nerds and ministers alike will have a good amount of things to learn from our conversation.

What will that conversation consist of? Another great question - you're killing it with the rhetoricals today. Each podcast will explore how each nerdy leader discovered the intersection between faith and fandom, as well as how they found their inner nerd-dom to begin with. We will also explore their specific scenario and the vision that they have for the future of pop culture ministry. Sunday cannot get here soon enough - I am so excited to share this with all of you.

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