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Moving Forward Together

Checkpoint Church moves fast. Like, crazy fast. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to remember where we were last month, let alone last year. As we swiftly approach the mid-year mark for 2022, it feels like now is a good time to do a pulse check on the community. So, we're releasing a Mid-Year Feedback form to get some helpful ideas on where we're headed in the second half of 2022. We have plans, and plenty we are already working on, but it's always beneficial to gauge where our community is as we progress.

If you'd be willing, please scan the QR code on this newsletter or click on any of the available hyperlinks to help us process that feedback.

To help process what feedback might be helpful, consider our goals for Checkpoint Church and how our current processes affect them. Why are we on Twitch? Twitch is a tool to reach those on the platform. Why are we using Discord? Discord is a tool to create a community that appeals to and amplifies the connection of those we meet on Twitch. Why are we on YouTube? YouTube is a tool to host and curate content for education, spiritual growth, and entertainment meant to bring the community into a more profound connection with one another. With that in mind, how can any of those meet those needs in a better way? What does that future look like to you?

Beyond those basic understandings of the community, the next question to consider is what else could we be doing to better meet those goals? We may or may not need to branch out to a whole new platform, like Tik Tok, but it may be helpful to see what would better meet the needs of our community. The best way to grow is to grow together. And for that to be effective, we need your help shaping the future of this fascinating and overwhelming fast-moving church plant. I can't wait to see what you do.

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