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No One Has To Die

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Whoa, it just got pretty dark. Last week we saw the bright and cheerful World 1-1 screen and this week it's all black with white characters and our only accent color is... blood red? Plus the spooky title that no one has to die? Is that a promise? A plea? A threat?

Today marks the official start of our Undertale & Jesus study together on Twitch. We'll be streaming from 6pm until 8pm tonight for literally anyone to see. As active participants, you'll be encouraged to engage in conversations in the chat, interact with the game as Pastor Nathan plays through it, and grow together with a community that you can't even see. It's gonna be wild!

So, what is Undertale? Developed by Toby Fox back in 2015, this indie game took over the Internet and has grown virally for the past five years, spawning fan animations, a sequel game and hundreds of thousands of fans. The premise of the game? You (the player) don't HAVE to kill anything. But you can. It's up to you. Rather, since we're playing together... it's up to us.

After tonight, we will invite everyone to join in for an active discussion of the game over a Zoom call on Sunday. We'll talk it through and see what themes came up that made us wildly uncomfortable or challenged our thinking. Or what made us laugh. Or whatever! The floor will be open. I hope that you will consider joining us tonight as we journey into the Underground and decide who we will become.

God loves you. We love you. You matter.

Be boldly blessed.

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