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Recently, I've been invited to share the methodology behind Checkpoint. Folks who are intimately involved and those who are completely outside of my normal sphere of influence have asked some very important questions.

How is Checkpoint actually like church? If we're willing to be honest, we don't have a unified definition of church anywhere. Odds are you've never put much thought into what actually makes church church. Is it the place? The people? The events? The pastor? The potluck? What even is church?

We are constantly pursuing the answer to that question at Checkpoint and I think that's what makes the idea so compelling. We are willing to be openly flexible with our church structure as a means for curiosity. Every day is a freshly brewed experimental communal experience and that's exciting stuff. But there is one part of this question that I want to push back on: People want to know how we are doing such a radical new form of ministry.

The truth is—while it may indeed be radical—it is far from new. Or novel. Sure, video games are new and exciting. Nerdy ministry is different from the norm. But what we're actually doing... well, there's nothing new about it at all. We're building community. We're finding peace and good conversation among the last, the least, and the lost (including ourselves in that equation is key, by the way). The part of our title that we are proud to wear as Checkpoint Church is that we aren't changing or creating something from building. We're building upon and giving new life to that same group of folks who gathered and broke bread together with Jesus, the ultimate welcome-r. So we're welcoming you, too. Bring your bread, a D20, and your mini-figs, too. The table is open, nerd.

God loves you. I love you. You matter. Be boldly blessed, friends.

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