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Now What Am I Supposed To Do?

Checkpoint Church is a weird thing. This past week I was tasked with, yet again, presenting Checkpoint as a concept to a Board of Ordained Elders, Deacons, and Lay Leaders as a means of continuing my Provisional Membership. I was continued, by the way! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Having to 'pitch' Checkpoint so often has made me critically work through every single stepping stone that we have in our community. We're far from perfect, but it would astound any of the 'new folks' how far we've come in the past three months, let alone the past year. Since our construction, we've continually developed a model of 'onboarding' in order for those interested in what is happening here at Checkpoint to know what's 'next.' For instance, if you're on Twitch, you should join our Discord. If you're on our Discord, you should consider watching our weekly nerdy sermons. If you're watching our sermons, you should consider joining LVL2. This has been the pathway and we've settled into nicely making needed adjustments along the way.

But recently there has been a sentiment shared amongst the LVL2 membership - now what? And it's a good question. Checkpoint Church has constantly been an effort of asking that exact question. However, it's only been a question posed by myself to myself. We're now entering into a place where the impetus of the question is being placed on shoulders other than my own. This means a couple things.

First off, it means that there is a real opportunity right now to serve Checkpoint Church and it's future iterations. If you care about where we're headed, you should consider joining LVL2 now more than ever. Decisions are going to be made - and soon. Now is the time.

Second, this means that LVL2 is being given the chance to really step up into what it means to serve. It's not easy - but the time to live into this calling is now.

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