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Of Stakes and Holders

As you're reading this, perhaps, I am sitting down with several of our LVL2 members and of our benefactors from the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. We are gathering for our bi-annual Stakeholder's Meeting. In this time, we will talk about the past 6 months of Checkpoint Church's existence and the myriad of goals we've met or fallen short of meeting. We will discuss future plans and set goals for the Spring meeting of the same name. All of this is good and necessary for fruitful ministry and stewardship of Checkpoint as a part of the grander ministry of the Kingdom of God.

But perhaps most important of all the things we will be discussing: we'll be introducing them to you.

Now, maybe you're saying - well, I've been here way longer than 6 months, they've met me before. Of course this is true, but the truth of the matter is that the congregation is a constantly evolving amorphous blob. Perhaps akin to the gelatinous cube, the congregation absorbs and shifts it's biome with each new member, concept, or idea. From our last meeting in the spring, I can affirm as the pastor here - you are different and worthy of a new introduction. But what does such a thing look like?

We take the time to tell a few highlight stories. We talk about the chunk of you that participated in our Mileage Mania event. We talk about the few who met me at LTNCon a few weeks ago. We talk about the many of you who frequent the #Prayer-Requests channel on our Discord daily. We will draw out some of our favorite conversations, moments on stream, and meals shared in Discord chats. Ultimately, we just get to share you and all that you mean to us as that big, beautiful blob.

I can recall in our first year the anxiety that came alongside these types of meetings. The expectations and the weighty goals. But now I see them as they really are - letting God's handiwork shine through each and every one of you.

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