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Our Fated Meet-Cute

I want to know you. Like really know you. Whenever I first started to figure what this whole calling to plant a 'church for nerds, geeks, and gamers' was all about, I only knew one thing: I love these people. And I wanted my fellow nerds to know the love of Jesus that I have been so blessed to experience.

So let's set aside all of the other stuff - meetings, events, Twitch, Discord - and let me just come right out and say it. I want to know you. I want to know what you love. I want to know who you used to be. I want to know who you're growing into today. I want to know where you want to be - your dreams, your goals, your aspirations.

As not to be rude - I'll start. My name is Nathan. Yes, you can call me Nate, if you want. I grew up on Nintendo games and I didn't get my first Xbox until I was about to graduate from undergrad. I listen to way more Dungeons & Dragons campaigns than I play. My guilty pleasure is visual novels and dating sims. I love those cheesy romance plotlines. I long for people to think I'm funny - because I truly think I'm hilarious. I would love to be a voice actor some day. I work the hardest at learning to draw, but I'm still nowhere near where I want to be. I was an awesomely cringy Christian Rock band in Middle/High School. I married my High School sweetheart and she really puts up with my nerdy obsessions, God bless her. My daughter Norah is perfect in every way and she better get used to the idea she will play video games with her old man someday. I listen to more podcasts than is humanly possible.

Okay, that's a start. If you want to know more about me, then please know I can't wait to know more about you. Let's have coffee over Zoom. It doesn't matter if it's 9am or 3pm. Coffee is always good. Message me and let's know each other. Really know each other.

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