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A Pat on the Back

Congratulations! In case you missed it, we had our first ever Check-a-thon Charity Stream this past Friday, June 11th. Over the course of an eight-hour stream, we played Minecraft and Valorant together, I forced myself to play my least favorite game of all time League of Legends, I stomached mustard on watermelon (you read that correctly), and we had plenty of bad celebrity impressions. Most importantly—we surpassed our goal!

At the start of the night, we set the goal to raise $500 for AbleGamers, an incredible charity that provides differently abled people with custom and accessible video game controllers. We didn't just raise $500, we raised over $600 in total. We cannot possibly thank you enough for helping us to go above and beyond our goal for the evening.

We have made our first real impact on the world beyond Checkpoint Church. I hope you feel the weight behind that sentence. That is a big deal. One of the important measures that a church should ask itself regularly is this—if we disappeared tomorrow, would anyone notice that we're gone? The Internet is a gigantic territory... does anyone know that we exist? The best way to measure that is with the impact you have on those outside of your community. We may not be the largest donation AbleGamers has ever received, but $600 is a sizable amount of income from a brand new community like ours.

Rest assured—we have been noticed. We are making a difference. We are changing lives and impacting the world around us for the better. And guess what? We're gonna do it again. And again. And again. Bigger and better every time. We're not stopping, we're just getting started. And I, for one, cannot wait to see what Checkpoint Church can do.

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