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Permission To Be Boring

I'm an Enneagram 5 wing 4. After you get done rolling your eyes about even bringing up the Enneagram, let me tell you a bit about a 5w4. We are given the title of 'The Philosopher' or the much more radical 'The Iconoclast.' To save you the Google search for that dramatic term, Iconoclast refers to one who deconstructs beliefs. Yeah, you read that right. I am an actual pastor who has the personality type that deconstructs beliefs. Talk about inconvenient.

Often, the 5w4 is attributed to musicians, lyricists, poets, and artsy-fartsy philosophical types (I'm all of these). The way that 5w4 often manifests itself in my life is through a driving vision hence, you know, the whole church planter thing. It's a very fun life to be a visionary. That is, it's exceptionally fun when you're at the start of a vision. Casting vision, dreaming big, seeing a bold future - that stuff is riveting. Heck, Jesus had the biggest vision to ever be had.

Here's what they don't tell you about vision: every moment after the vision is cast sucks. Big time. I find myself slogging through the mud of carrying out my bold visions often.

Jesus was thirty when he started his ministry. I'm still three years from thirty and I'm far from Jesus level. Those thirty years were barely accounted for in the gospels. Was it because the gospel writers didn't know about them? No one could share those stories? I doubt it. We don't hear about those thirty years of early life because, odds are, they were unremarkable. They were boring. They were the times where Jesus built houses and bartered for carpentry pay and labor. Nothing noteworthy for readers, but undoubtedly important to Jesus' future ministry. Why would Jesus have tolerated otherwise? Your vision may be exciting, but the process has permission to be boring. Remember that and rest comfortably in the slow pace of the future.

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