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Putting the Good in Ludology

Checkpoint Church has been secretly developing a video game just in time for Advent. If you missed the news, then... well, first off I don't know how because we've been downright annoying about it. But just in case - please go and watch this trailer for the exciting news about our first ever video game Not Another Advent Story! It's going to be releasing every Sunday during Advent and the first episode is available right now.

I really have trouble coming up with the words of appreciation for the team behind the project. I put out a notice to the Discord community that I was working on a big secret project and was looking for volunteers. I had hopes for one or two to help carry some of the load - what I found was seven dedicated folks who wanted to work hard for two months developing an awesome project.

With a game launch, we needed to launch a game development entity along with it. I pitched some ideas around to the group behind the game. Some were hilarious (Strange Warm Studios), some were quite Methodist (Alders Gate); in the end we landed on the suggestion of one of our newer LVL2 members, Xando, who offered up the perfect pick: LUDOGOOD.

For those in the game dev or game review world, the name is instantly familiar, but for those outside of the bubble - what does this name mean? Ludology is one of the major areas of study in gaming and it literally is the study of games. By games, we mean the study of play behind the game. So ludo- is game and then slap on the word -good to the end... you literally get GAME GOOD. Our values at Checkpoint are to Do Good, Do No Harm, and Strive to Grow. So it would make sense that our game development arm would be rooted first and foremost in doing good through our games. I, for one, cannot wait to see what that means in the years and projects to come. Good gaming, gaming good - may it be so.

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