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Really, Nathan? Comic Books?

I'm an avid reader. I've always been the type who would stay up after my bedtime as a kid and keep on reading under my covers until exhaustion would send me to sleep. Out of all my favorite books, the very best stories were presented to me via the Japanese graphic novel (manga).

One of the challenges that nerds face is the judgment from those outside our culture that our hobbies and interests are 'for children.' Comic books, superheroes, and fantasy are all just for kids, right? Wrong.

First off, just give one of my favorite manga a shot and you will quickly realize that these books receive age ratings for a reason. Just because they are hand-drawn or set in fantastic situations does not a child's story make.

Second, the stories that I've read in the pages of the manga (and American graphic novels) have often proven to be better stories than those in all text. Fullmetal Alchemist and Yu Yu Hakusho will forever be two of my favorite stories ever told. I could list hundreds of other series that place lightyears ahead of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games (no shade intended, they are great, as well).

Finally, let's not forget that our goal together is to bridge the gap between the Church and the nerd culture. That requires going beyond our normal interests and try something new. Who knows? You might discover you've been missing out on your new favorite story.

God loves you. We love you. You matter.

Be boldly blessed.

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