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Reflection Via Competition

One of the hallmarks of the gaming year has been the relatively recent tradition of Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards. I find myself anticipating the announcements for nominations each year with bated breath as I see what the somewhat scattered academy of gaming representatives picks as their hallmarks of the year prior.

Yesterday the nominations for 2021 were announced and we hosted a stream where I picked my winners for each category. We also announced a competition where members of our community are invited to complete a bracket of their own picks for the awards. Whoever gets the most correct will win an Amazon Gift Card and also the bragging rights of being the Ultimate Gamer of 2021. This is obviously all in good fun, but the truth is that I want to encourage people to see the act of reflecting upon the past as something as important as we treat our favorite sports teams.

The reality of these awards ceremonies is that they are less about the people behind the media and more about the role that they play in your life. There are thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, of games released every year that don't get to see the light of the awards stage. It's an achievement to make a good game, sure. But what the night is really about is allowing an intentional time to reflect on where we've been this year, what we've done this year; it's a time to think on the moments that forged us this year.

So, yes, we're doing a friendly competition. But the competition is all a guise in order to encourage reflection for the past year. We'll have our own awards ceremony this year, as well. Not because awards are needed, but because reflection must be encouraged at all costs. Reflecting upon where we've been allows us to accept what has happened and take the best parts with us.

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