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Setting A New Standard

When it comes to the work of digital ministry, the most exciting part is that every new thing you try is unprecedented. We are now entering into our third calendar year of literally paving the way forward for digital and nerd ministry. I can't think of any better way to kick off the new year than with yet another innovative and exciting leap to the future of digital ministry.

This weekend we are going to be hosting, along with Methodist Gaming and Crossfire: Faith + Gaming, our first ever 24-hour charity stream. We set our sights on raising $3,000 dollars for the United Methodist Committee on Relief. You read that right. When meeting with the leaders from the other communities, we decided that we need to treat this thing with it's full respect. If we're going to canoe the mountains, then let's give it our all. I'm confident that we can reach this goal. I'm confident that we can make an impact. I'm confident that we really are the digital Body of Christ doing things that haven't been done before.

We'll be chunking the stream out into three major chunks. We'll start off all together at 7pm EST for a kickoff to the stream. Then we will divide out into the first chunk, hosted by Methodist Gaming until 3:15am EST. Checkpoint will then host the stream from 3:15am until 10:30am EST. Picking up the baton next is Crossfire, who will host from 10:30am until 6:00pm EST. Then we will all hop back on a stream together and close out the stream with some fun to wrap things up until we call it quits at 7pm EST.

Excitement doesn't quite begin to capture how I feel about this huge event. I fully believe that the future of the church is actually found in our past tradition of connectionalism and collaboration. I fully believe in the loving gift of extravagant generosity towards causes that help people. And I fully believe in the nerds, geeks, and gamers to be the ones paving the way forward for exciting and innovative forms of ministry. Sleep-deprived as I may be, I can't wait to see you Saturday morning at 3:00 am. Let's kick off 2022 big, nerds.

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