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Something Sticks & (Mile)stones

Y'all. We DID it! We have officially reached two of our biggest milestones here at Checkpoint... in the same week. Last week, we announced that we have officially hit 500 followers on Twitch. At the same time, we also just hit 50 members in our Discord community. Despite the latter being smaller, it feels like such a bigger accomplishment. I'm SO proud of what we're doing in this community. So proud, in fact, that it's time for us to finally move on to the next big thing.

It's my absolute joy to announce that on Friday, June 11th we will be hosting an 8-Hour Charity Stream for AbleGamers from 4pm until midnight.

This is for a few reasons: 1) we want to celebrate the milestone together. 2) we believe that everyone should be able to play games and build community, so AbleGamers is an excellent choice and, 3) we are finally at the point that we want to do big events like this more often.

What's going to happen during this stream? Great question. 8 hours is quite a bit of time. Perhaps some special guests? Gaming together? Giving away some of those games? Announcements and exciting new developments in our community? Maybe even some big embarrassing goals for us to reach together?

All that and more will be happening and we cannot wait to share in the time together. Keep an eye out for more exciting info to drop in the coming week and be sure to join in on the fun to kick off the big E3 weekend. Pat yourself on the back in the meantime—we truly are building community here.

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