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Stranger Things Have Happened

We finished up our Pacifist route of Undertale. We made all of the friends. We saved the day. We brought two broken nations together. We got the happy end credits and we laughed at all of the antics of our beloved friends in the 'real world.' But that isn't where the story ends for Undertale.

Tonight, we are going to journey our first steps into the controversial world of the Genocide route. You read that right. Genocide. One by one, we are going to brutally end the lives of our friends we made in our last play through of the game. Lord, in Your mercy -right? Why are we tackling this heavy issue? Why did this game do this? It's heavy stuff.

The reality of Undertale is that it plays the role of one big social commentary on video game culture. The supposed point of the 'video game' is to 'win' by eliminating the competition. It's a 'winner takes all' kind of zero sum game. This game gives us the option to not do that. But what happens when we do? What changes? And why?

These are important questions - because genocide has happened. Murder does happen. Evil does exist. We can ignore it... or we can dive deep and tackle it ourselves. I hope you'll help me tackle this beast together.

God loves you. We love you. You matter.

Be boldly blessed.

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