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I'm A Subscriber... What Does That Mean?

On August 12th, we had our first ever sub-stream called #WhyCheckpointChurch. If you were able to make it to the event, thank you! We had a blast playing games, spinning the sub wheel, hanging out, spinning the sub wheel, eating pizza, and, of course, spinning the sub wheel. It was a great time, but it was also a milestone for us as a community on Twitch. But not everyone can know the colloquialisms of the Twitch culture - so what does it even mean to sub to Checkpoint Church? Why is that important?

Aside from the pure mechanics of doing it, which I describe in detail in this video, a subscriber to Checkpoint Church is a visible sign of support for the community we're forming. A subscriber is someone who wants the extra credentials that let others know that they are in the same corner as Checkpoint. In return for that support, they also get special privileges, such as no advertisements.

In addition to the support, recognition, and perks, it's also a milestone marker of where the channel is as a community. While it's not a sign of the health of a community inherently (there are plenty of healthy communities without subscribers), it is a sign of growth and support. On August 12th, we reached 83 subscribers on our channel. Typically, this isn't something that channels loudly shout from the rooftops strategically. But at Checkpoint, it isn't about the money or the strategy. It's a sign of support and an acknowledgment of the community being formed here.

To larger channels, 83 subscribers are negligible. I've seen folks drop 100 gifted subs on behemoth channels. To smaller channels, 83 subscribers may seem like an impossibility. But there is poison in comparison. I try to ask myself instead what 83 subscribers mean to Checkpoint individually. Whether they were gifted or purchased for the individual, it symbolizes another stepping stone towards reaching the nerd, geek, and gamer with the love of Jesus - and that's always a win in my book.

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