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The Method Behind the Nerdness

Something I don't talk about enough is the absolute joy I get from our weekly nerdy sermons. I can only imagine the fourteen-year-old weeb stumbling on our channel and watching through dozens of videos on their favorite anime, games, and movies. Since I was a kid, I have been searching for the exact thing I am now appointed to craft with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

However, these are intentionally crafted to be brief and easy to consume. If you've watched my sermons in a more traditional context, they are closer to twenty-five minutes, whereas our longer nerdy sermons are fifteen at most. This was done to encourage asynchronous viewing. We craft these videos like the other YouTube content - snappy, fast, and concise. But that doesn't mean that they lack depth.

I will begin hosting a weekly Nerdy Sermon Talkback on Twitch on Wednesdays at 9:00 am EST to explore these videos more profoundly. We will discuss the source material, the scripture I selected, the things that didn't make the cut, etc. Over the hour, we will watch the nerdy sermon together. I will then open the time to questions and discussion around the video and its theme.

The goal of this is to encourage synchronous conversation about these nerdy topics. I don't want more of me talking about things. I want more discussion in holy community. I want to engage in conversation with you about these topics. I want to respond to the comments section of these videos. I want to know how you were affected by these things. I hope this will lead to separate engagement outside of a streamed bit of content, but we're going to experiment with this for now.

How can you help? The most obvious method would be to be present for the stream. But you can also help by leaving comments and questions on our Discord or the YouTube video itself. I look forward to seeing this take shape!

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