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The Next Right Step

Before we get too far, I want to welcome all of the new subscribers to our newsletter and members to our Discord, Twitch, and YouTube family. We have been featured in quite a few random places (notably by the UM News service). This new wave will no doubt enter with questions about where to get started in this community. It gives me great joy to inform the first-timers that, while it's far from mandatory, we now have a path for you to take to get plugged in here at Checkpoint. This may even help some of you who have been in our community, but just aren't sure what might be next for you in this space.

Our first real action step after discovering us is to join our Discord community. Get plugged in. Post to the #introductions channel. Nerd out about your favorite things. Join community streams and play your favorite games with us. Get to the place where you know that Checkpoint is a safe space with good people.

Next, we hope you'll explore more spiritual things. This could start with our YouTube 'sermons' where we talk about Squid Game, Demon's Souls, or your favorite anime. Ask questions in the chat. Drop some #prayer-requests on the Discord. We aren't expecting some magical conversion - we just want to grow together so that we might do good, do no harm, and strive for more growth.

At this point, you'll have realized that Checkpoint is just getting started and is far from being fully developed. We hope you'll consider taking the step from being served by Checkpoint to serving Checkpoint by joining our LVL2 program - where you will help us discern what is next for this awesome community. You could this your first week or your fortieth - it's all about your readiness to serve these awesome people. Twitch, Discord, YouTube, LVL2 - regardless of where you are right now, we're so excited to have you on this journey. We're here to help you on every single 'next right step.' Let's do this thing - together.

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