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Last week, I shared that our 'word of the year' here at Checkpoint was 'together.' If I had to pick a safe runner-up, it would be 'innovative.' Or maybe that's too strong of a positive term. Perhaps 'experimental' would be a bit more apropos?

If you've been in our community since day one, then you've seen your fair share of experiments. Flops, failures, successes, etc. - we've not been shy with grand ventures. This year, we are doubling down on that bold claim. Maybe you've already seen our latest experiment in the form of more nerdy devotionals on YouTube? We had such a great time with those videos during the Advent of the Nerd, we thought we had to keep them coming.

Or maybe you were a part of our experimental Discord gathering (which is happening again this Sunday at 1pm *hint hint plz be there*). We are planning more and more gathering times like this; playing games together or just simply being together.

The reality of our situation here is that this hasn't really been tried before in any repeatable way. Sure, there's Love Thy Nerd and our good friends over at CrossFire... but planting something from nothing... that's totally novel. Most of the things that each of those teams did won't necessarily work for our plant. As happened to Lewis and Clark, we brought our canoes expecting a river and found mountains instead. We're trying every way that we can to get our canoes over those slopes. We're going to fail - a lot. We're going to nose-dive into some briars. But we're also going to explorer boldly and leave a trail behind us for others to follow. I'm glad you're on this journey with us.

God loves you. I love you. You matter. Be boldly blessed, friends.

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