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The Satanic Panic is Important

We announced about a month ago that Checkpoint would host a documentary screening and panelist discussion for Derek White's award-winning The Satanic Panic and the Religious Battle for the Imagination. We've garnered a good bit of excitement but also some questions and doubts that have raised my nerdy hackles a bit - so I thought this would be an excellent venue to address some of the concerns.

The first concern was the cost of the event - $45 per ticket. To make this event more accessible, we've since dropped the price to $30 per ticket and are also happy to work with anyone in need of financial assistance. With an award-winning documentary that is not viewable in the US and a panel of generous speakers, this event is one we want people to be able to attend from all financial backgrounds.

The second concern is the one that raises my hackles. I naively believed that the Satanic Panic was mostly a thing of yesteryear. This is not the case. We've had people seriously question the theological ramifications of this event. I cannot state this enough: if this event title or topic concerns you, then this event is made precisely for you. As Christians, we owe those who suffered through the violence and hatred of the Satanic Panic the time to explain how we got it wrong. Like, completely wrong. Jesus Christ loves the nerd, geek, and gamer. And you better believe that Jesus was with those being accused of devil worship or worse during the height of the Panic.

I couldn't be more excited about this event and hope you'll consider joining us. We will announce the panelists one by one this week and allow you to get to know them. Whether you agree or disagree, we must converse with one another. This event is for those that suffered and those that accused. It's for those deeply nestled in nerd culture and those skeptical. Oh - and did I mention it was an award-winning film? That, too.

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