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What Tangled Webs We Weave

Alright - we're two weeks into our paternity leave. Hopefully you aren't missing me as bad as I'm missing y'all. Well, I might be missing y'all right now - or I might be asleep. Odds are fairly even there. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you haven't missed out too greatly on our nerdy sermons each week, since we've still posted from our backlog. You also have gotten this pre-written newsletters. I'm also confident that our wonderful folks on our Discord have kept up the QOTD and made the server feel like home, like always.

But one thing we weren't able to fully recreate during the absence was our weekly live streams. I'll be coming back next week a bit and more the next to make up some of the slack there, but it's a vast chunk of our identity that is missing.

Or is it? If you haven't given a look to our #community-streams channel under the Let's Get Creative category on our Discord - you are missing out. While they aren't partnered with us, we have a space where we have nearly a dozen streamers that are going live throughout the week and month. CheckpointChurch may not be going live, but there's no reason that our community couldn't still be served by the time and efforts of the streamers in our community.

At some point in the future, I look forward to seeing what it looks like for our community members to stream under our handle, but there are many questions left to answer before we reach that point. Even still - I am thankful we have gathered together such a creative and passionate bunch of awesome people. Original artwork, short stories, poetry, streaming, photo design, video design, and game design - that's just a sampling of the creative expression that we're finding in our community and I couldn't be more proud. It is my hope that we will support one another in Christian love with the projects that folks are brave enough to let us see. Streaming isn't easy - art isn't easy - creating isn't easy. But it's a good and faithful thing to do. And we should support those giving it their all.

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