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art by amadina-fasciata

Were I to enter into the sainthood at some point in my tenure with the Church Triumphant I like to think I would be given the title: the Saint of Guilty Pleasures. From anime to manga to video games to collecting figurines, I'm the cream of the nerd crop.

One of my many guilty pleasures is 'fanart.' This is a medium that involves loving re-creations of pop culture characters in one's own medium of choice. I like following artists to see their rendition of the Teen Titans

or how cool they can make my favorite Pocket Monsters look. Sometimes, I even dabble myself in the world of fanart.

On last week's episode of Chatpoint, we talked about what we mean at Checkpoint Church when we say that everyone is welcome. This is an idea that many (arguably most) churches espouse, but truly realizing that can be difficult. This leads to some seeing a church making this claim as being untruthful. This breaks my heart.

In an effort to better illustrate what we mean at Checkpoint by welcoming everyone, we are starting a new hashtag: #WhoIsWelcome? I am encouraging everyone (especially those artistically inclined) to create a piece of fanart that includes any character at all donning some piece of clothing with our Checkpoint logo on it. Then, post the piece with the hashtag #WhoIsWelcome. Each month, we'll pick our favorites and give these awesome artists a shoutout on our platform. Know an artist? Let them know and let's share the welcoming love of Christ!

God loves you. We love you. You matter.

Be boldly blessed.

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