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Whose Pod Is It Anyway?

This past Monday, we announced our newest project from Checkpoint Church - the LVL2 Podcast! I want to use this space to explain more about what this will be and why it's important to our mission.

We'll start with the easy one - what is the LVL2 Podcast? It's a new monthly podcast that will be airing on the Checkpoint Church Podcast Hub (where all of our features air) after airing live on our Twitch channel monthly. In the podcast, we will have a rotating cast of LVL2 members discussing some of the most pressing questions and topics related to faith and fandom. Our first episode, airing this Friday at 2 pm, will discuss the softball question: what even IS a nerd church? The topics will vary wildly from that point on - discussing anime, violence, and so much more.

Now - for the more esoteric question... why are we doing this? The most obvious reason would be that it's just good ol' fashioned fun. Podcasts are a good time. Hanging out with this community is a good time. But what sets this time apart is that it will allow us to deepen the meaning behind our LVL2 members. LVL2 is our closest existing thing to 'membership.' But we're constantly figuring out what's the following big way that these members can actually serve the community. Providing a time and space to share thoughts, concerns, and interests will allow the general membership to get to know LVL2 more (and maybe want to join themselves) while also allowing the LVL2 member to feel more involved and contributive than ever.

We couldn't be more excited to add this open-door policy podcast to the roster of existing content we're creating. We now have a podcast that introduces you to those in nerd ministry, and now we will have one that introduces you to the folks behind the scenes making Checkpoint Church exist. Do you have any burning questions you'd like to see the LVL2 members answer? Let us know, and enjoy diving into the conversation starting this Friday at 2 pm EST.

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