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You Should Be Learning (To The Point, 3.41)

As you're reading this, I'm attending the Church Communicators Conference in Rock Hill, SC. Via their website, their goals are "specially designed for the accidental church communicator, the one that wears many hats and may have stumbled upon this role without a plan."

While doing my best to maintain a sense of health at Checkpoint, I strive to attend as many of these conferences as possible - as a leader and/or a participant. I do this for several reasons.

One reason is the community around this type of craft. I must continue to network with other leaders and innovators in this space. With ministry as bizarre as nerd ministry, the more people that can hear our conceptual design, the better. While many don't understand and others outright deny that validity, those with innovative mindsets typically can provide constructive criticism to each project. I will always covet the presence of others who might be able to help me better understand my role and the future of Checkpoint Church.

Another key perk of the conference is the opportunity to grow. Whether you are a pastor, teacher, short-order cook, or engineer, I hope you are hungry for more knowledge. I firmly believe that we should all pursue further education in our roles. It is essential to read all you can, hear all you can, and learn all you can. It is equally important to apply that education to some practice. But you can't apply what you don't know. Consume, create, connect - consume new information, create a better community, and connect what you learn to others. Then repeat.

Finally, the secret perk of these events is that they allow a brief moment of rest and drop the leadership role. To talk about something without a megaphone can be relieving. As I wrap up my time at the Church Communicator Conference, I pray for you leaders that read this newsletter. May you rest, restore, and reinvigorate in your context.

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