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A Year's Reflection

One year. One whole year of Checkpoint Church. I need to pinch myself, because I must be dreaming. How has a year already gone by? It's fascinating how it has flown by and yet gone slowly at the same time. Funny how time does that to us... I can't imagine how I'll feel by year five (Lord willing). Checkpoint really is the dream mission and I'm so thankful for each day of work.

As I reflect on the year, I would be remiss to not hit some of the high notes. We've had some great laughs. We've had some viral TikToks. We've had way more interest in the theology of One Piece than I would have ever anticipated. I've had days where I've sat and wondered if anyone will show up at all and others where I couldn't wait to see the 'regulars' show up and get chatty. We've expanded our Discord. We've said hello to some great stream concepts and podcasts. We've made new friends. It's been an unforgettable ride.

We've had some loss, too. We've said goodbye to some of those fun concepts. We've played games that we might never touch again. We've met people who might not ever drop by our chat in the future. We've experienced a lot in the growing edge department. I've definitely grown as a leader and a pastor.

However, a new year brings with it a set of challenges all it's own. We're now onto the next big thing. The milestone markers have been reset. Our goals from our first year are exciting-but in the past. It's time to set our blinders forward and ask ourselves what will be our first major goal to be achieved in 2021-2022. My hope is a year filled with growth, sure, but also with depth. I hope that we live into this thing more than we have so far and bury our roots deep into the foundation of the first year. So what will we do? I have an idea of what the first milestone will be in my book. And I can't wait to tell you all about it next week.

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