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Almost But Not Yet

it's been a tough week. For some context, we have been on the cusp of a new building transition for the past month now. We've checked boxes. We've waited for emails. We've set up W-9s. We've boxed (and unboxed) too much nerdy memorabilia. We've waited for Internet. We've waited for items to ship. We've waited and waited.

All the while, I am all-too-aware that you are waiting on me. It's been a huge burden to not stream this week, when I originally only had plans to miss Monday. But you know what they say about the best intentions... and I should have known. The truth of the matter is that no one from our community has been a burden. No one has actually said, "When are you streaming again?" or "Would you please hurry up, lazy?" In fact, we've only had patience, support, and excitement for the new transition.

This is the cruel irony of visioning and building. As the one initiating this thing, I am the impatient one. All of you are excitedly waiting for the future with bated breath, but with great patience. This isn't dissimilar from the Advent season another half-year away. Change, newness, growth; these are exciting things and they should bring up feelings of joyous anticipation within us. Disappointment in the things beyond our control, like the Internet people not being able to show up until 3:00pm, will only make the progress lose it's impressive luster.

It's so much better to live into the excitement. It's so much more fulfilling to let God work in these moments and bring up unexpected moments of change. Also, hindsight is 20/20 and I won't make promises for a new podcast drop, a new building, and continuing a normal work schedule - all during Fourth of July weekend, mind you - at the same time. As a superfast hedgehog once said, live and learn.

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