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Blessed Be The Game Devs

In this slightly different take on the To The Point newsletter, it felt needed to speak into the gaming space with a word of truth and peace. I have just seen another article on Cyberpunk 2077 not living up to it's preparation. Did you know this game has bugs? Truly shocking. Really insider information. Even my wife has heard of the apparent failure of a game that has sucked up 75 hours of my life and counting.

Some of these complaints are obviously legitimate. It seems that there were issues with releasing the game on previous-generation consoles, despite compatibility being promised. However, I feel as though everyone and my mother-in-law have written an op-ed on this game. The most despicable of these reviews have taken cheap shots at game developers and timelines.

In the church, we put a great bit of importance on grace. Grace is most assuredly needed for Cyberpunk 2077. Perhaps you've had a rough go of it with the game. Or, let's take the pressure off of Cyberpunk and assume that you've perhaps had some rough experience with a release at some point. The world of patch-based game economics has changed the name of the gaming game and this is a likely consequence of our incredible innovative possibilities.

But, as a self-proclaimed Nerd Pastor, my heart and focus always goes back to the people behind the thing. Not just the game developers, but the angry reviewers themselves. Both need grace and are equally offered such love. For this reason, I've written a brief liturgy for the beloved people behind the buggy game drop. May it bless you and keep you and please stop writing reviews with each patch that a game gets please please please.

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