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Ready For The Next Level?

Time to trade in some of those experience points, folks. We're stepping up the game and introducing LVL2 - this is our first 'level up' for our community members. Remember when I mentioned a few newsletters ago all of the game-changing moves we're going to be making? This is another of those big steps. But what does it actually mean though?

I go over all of these in greater detail in the announcement video for LVL2, but I'll cover them quickly here in the newsletter. Essentially, we've decided it's time for all of you to start getting some say in the goings-on of where Checkpoint is headed. Your ideas, your thoughts, your feedback are vitally important to the future of this community being more than just 'my' project. It's ours and it's time for me to open the doors to the factory and show you the magic.

What does this actually change for you? Either a lot or nothing. You, dear reader, have a few choices put in front of you. First, you don't have to join LVL2. It's optional. If you decide that it's time to get more involved, then you'll fill out this form and get entered into our LVL2 Squad. Once you join LVL2, you'll be entering into a connection with the other people who care about Checkpoint as much as you do.

You'll also get:

- Thank You Letter w/ Exclusive Sticker

- Invitation to the LVL2 RE:Union Events

- Access to the LVL2 Quarterly Newsletter

- Discord Role & Exclusive Access to LVL2 Channel

We believe God is doing incredible things at Checkpoint. And we believe that you are a part of that. So, take that next step forward. Let's Level Up.

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