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What It Means To Parent A Gamer

Bit of a different newsletter today - are you a parent of a gamer who feels hopelessly lost when it comes to modern gaming?

Growing up as a digital native, I was the designated 'techie' in the family. My parents were far from hopeless, but they preferred just to let me handle the connectors on the back of the television or set up the VHS. Now, as a parent to two perfect girls, I am contemplating whether that will be the same relationship we have. Will I have to have my youngest teach me how to check her posts on the new AR social feed embedded into my cornea?

Maybe I'm being a bit hyperbolic (although maybe not), but it's a question all parents find themselves asking at some point. As we age, we find ourselves intentionally left out of the trending topics and feel our kids growing independent. But independence doesn't forgive us our responsibility to do the hard work of raising a future human.

Given all of this, I'd love to make a recommendation for a book I just finished reading called Know Thy Gamer by Drew Dixon, one of the founders of our friends over at Love Thy Nerd. In the book, Dixon breaks down the benefits, the challenges, and the future of video games for parents of all familiarity levels. If you've never picked up a game or are still rocking a round of Mortal Kombat now and again, this book sets out a foundation for how to explore the themes of video games safely with your child.

We first heard about this book during our podcast, where I got the chance to sit down with Drew and talk about Love Thy Nerd and their work. As someone who is also paving the way forward for ministry based around gaming and nerd culture, I am thankful for voices like this presenting the information in a presentable fashion. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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